Lucia Festival Information


Lucia 2008

  • Saturday, December 5, 2020
  • 4 pm
  • Peace United Church of Christ
  • 900 High St, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Refreshments and Butik
  • Children’s Crafts
  • Bring Cookies to Kitchen before the Program

The Jul season will be ushered in by our 2020 Lucia, followed by her attendants wearing silver tinsel crowns and star boys with tall pointed hats.  The well loved Swedish chorus, the Zaida Singers, will perform Scandinavian music in four-part harmony.  After the program, Jultomtem leads the way to cookies, coffee, and punch.  Everyone is invited to join in the dancing around the Christmas tree.  A craft table for children will be available.

20131207_174301If you know a young person who would like to participate in the Lucia procession, please email Helene at before Oct 24.  Click here for the rehearsal schedule:  Rehearsals.

Our Butik will be open featuring unique Nordic gifts and items for the home and family.  Beautiful wooden, metal, and glass items, linens, candles, cards, books, jewelry, shirts, dolls, and Christmas decorations will be available for purchase.





History of Lucia Day

Before daybreak, Lucia, dressed in a white gown with red sash, wearing a crown of blazing candles in her hair, emerges our of the darkness carrying a tray of saffron buns and steaming coffee to awaken the family.  According to one legend, Lucia was born in Sicily and secretly distributed her large dowry by candlelight to the poor. lucia

Dec 13th on the Julian calendar was the winter solstice celebrated by the Norse; now this date is the traditional Lucia Day and is celebrated all over Scandinavia in homes, schools, hospitals, and city halls marking the darkest time of the year when all celebrate the beginning of the Jul season and the return of the sun – a festival of light!

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