September 7, 2018


“Arm Wrestler from Solitude”

DVD in Swedish with English subtitles

  • Friday, Sep 7
  • 6:30 pm – Doors open
  • 7:00 pm – Program
  • At Viking Hall
  • Refreshments following the program

A tiny village in Northern Sweden called Solitude (Ensamheten) has 16 inhabitants, and they’re all related.  It could be any village if it wasn’t for their shared and somewhat unusual passion:  arm wrestling.

22 year old Heidi Andersson, a slight girl with long dark hair and an intense gaze, has been world champion in arm wrestling 11 times (3 at the time of the filming of the documentary).  Heidi’s life is full of contrasts.  One day she works in the forest planting trees, the next she is in the big city working as a model for bridal gowns.  She hunts moose with her mother Jeanette and talks about boys with her father Kent.

In a warm and humorous tone, the film tells Heidi’s unique story – a woman with a passion who finds her own way.


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