Promote Nordic Culture in Santa Cruz County

Consider becoming a sponsor with a suggested donation of $35 per person or $70 per family per year.  All gifts are tax deductible.  If you choose to receive our ENewsletter,  you will receive information about upcoming programs and events – we typically email 7 or 8 per year.

To become a sponsor:

  1. Print out this page
  2. Complete the form
  3. Make out check to SCCSC
  4. Mail check & completed form to:  SCCSC, P.O. Box 2411, Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Name ______________________________________

Address ____________________________________

City _______________________  Zip _____________

Phone ___________ Email ______________________

Country of Interest or Heritage ____________________

____ Check here if you want to receive a RECEIPT for your donation

Please CIRCLE ONE of the arrows below to confirm your ENewsletter status:

 Arrow to circle if you want to BEGIN receiving our ENewsletter

  Arrow to circle if you want to CONTINUE receiving our ENewsletter

 Arrow to circle if you DO NOT WANT to receive our ENewsletter

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