Renter Responsibilities Form

This form will be sent to Renter when all fees have been received.  It must be completed by the Renter at the end of their event.

Renter Name:_________________________  Event Date: ____________

Key Lockbox Code: _________ Facility Contact Phone: _________________

Cleaning Checklist:

______ Clean counters, table tops, and sink.

______ Fold up tables and return them to their original location.

______ Stack chairs against wall using chair dolly – no more than 8 per stack.

______ Remove all tape, balloons, streamers, and decorations.

______ Sweep floor with broom or dust mop. Please do not get dust mop wet.

______ Scrape up any chewing gum off the floor.

______ Wipe up spills on floor using clear water – Please no cleanser or bleach.

______ Empty mop bucket in landscaping; rinse mop; and hang to dry in pantry.

______ Remove all of your items from the refrigerator and freezer.

______ Pick up cigarette butts around front & back entrances & parking lot.

______ Empty butts from cans into your large garbage bags.

______ Empty all wastebaskets into your large garbage bags.

______ Take your filled garbage bags with you when you leave.

Security Checklist:  Be sure to do the following before leaving building.

______  Place bar across the front door to Plymouth Street; put doormats inside.

______  Turn off thermostat for heater/air conditioner; unplug floor fans.

______  Turn off kitchen stove and oven.

______  Close bathroom & kitchen windows.  Leave kitchen blinds pulled up.

______  Leave all doors to the main meeting room open.

______  Leave pass through accordion doors between kitchen & main room open.

______  Turn off lights in main room, pantry, kitchen, bathrooms, & halls.

______  Lock door to parking lot.  Make sure door latches and can’t be opened.

______  Return key to lockbox, and make sure padlock is securely closed.

Name of person completing this form: ____________________________

Phone: _______________

Please place this form in the red mailbox in pantry.  Write any comments or questions on the back of this form.

THANK YOU – Viking Hall Management