Facility Rental Agreement Form

VIKING HALL – Located at 240 Plymouth St. at Button St. in Santa Cruz

To rent the hall, please do the following:

  1. Contact Rental Manager by using the Rental Manager Contact Form at the bottom of the Rental Information webpage, or by calling 831-425-9725 and waiting until the end of the answering machine message.
  2. Get approval of your event, date and rental fees from the Rental Manager.
  3. Print out a copy of this page.  
  4. Return completed copy along with fees to the address given to you by the Rental Manager ______________________________________________

Date of Event: _____________________ Number Attending: ________________

Type of Event: ___________________________________________________

Use Time Period: ______ to ______  Total Hours: ______ (include set up and clean up time)

Program/Entertainment: ______________________________________

Renter Name: ________________________________ Phone: ______________

Address: _______________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________ Cell Phone: _____________

Alternate Contact: ______________________________ Phone: _____________

Certificate of Liability Insurance:  Attach copy of Certificate with Viking Hall Cultural Center listed as “Additional Insured” – THIS IS REQUIRED

Payment of Fees:  Please write two (2) checks, one for Security Deposit and one for Rental Fee payable to: Viking Hall.  Mail completed agreement and checks to the address given to you by the Rental Manager.

Reservation: $150 Security Deposit* and completed Agreement must be received to reserve your date.  Total Rental Fee is due at least 2 weeks before the event.  

*The security deposit check is destroyed after the event if breakage and cleaning charges are not incurred.  If you would like your deposit check returned rather than destroyed, please submit a stamped self-addressed envelope along with your security deposit check.

Security Deposit ($150 plus other deposits): $________  Check # ________

Rental Fee: $________  Check # ________


I have read and agree to the FACILITY USE CONDITIONS listed on the website (please initial ____)

I have read and will complete tasks on the RENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES FORM listed on the website.  (please initial _____)

Signature of Renter Applicant ___________________ Date _________

Approval from Viking Hall _____________________ Date _________

Key Lockbox Code and Contact Phone Number will be sent to you on the RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES FORM after all fees have been received.   You also will receive an approved copy of this form and a copy of the FACILITY USE CONDITIONS with a receipt for your fees.