Facility Use Conditions

1. “Certificate of Liability Insurance” is required and is available from your homeowner or renter insurance company, or can be purchased as Event Insurance online. If wine will be served, the insurance must include host liquor coverage.

2. The total Rental Fee is due 2 weeks before the event.

3. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if event is cancelled less than 2 weeks before the event.

4. The wooden bar across the front door to Plymouth Street must be removed when building is occupied and replaced after your event is completed.

5. IN-WALL TABLE USE – The 6 tables housed in the wall require unlocking with a special tool. The tables must be lowered carefully by Viking Hall staff because they can cause injury or damage. A screwdriver CAN NOT be used – it damages the slots in the table.  Set-up fee of $25 is required to use in-wall tables.

6. “Use Permit” with the City of Santa Cruz forbids the use of “amplified music” and requires that events be completed by 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11 pm on Friday and Saturday.

7. No beer or hard liquor is allowed on the premises. Wine is allowed with “host liquor” insurance coverage.

8. Please keep doors and windows closed so the heating or air conditioning system works properly and noise does not disturb the neighbors.

9. Please leave the premises clean. Any cost of cleaning required after the event and any cost of repairs and damages to the building and its contents are to be paid for by the renter.

10. Please provide your own garbage bags, and take your garbage with you.

11. After your event, complete both checklists on the RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES FORM:

  • “Cleaning Checklist” – Complete to ensure all required cleaning tasks are accomplished.
  • “Security Checklist” – Complete just before you leave to ensure the security of the building.

Maximum Building Capacity = 120 people

Approximate Area of Main Meeting Room = 1,600 square feet

Furniture Available: 140 chairs, 11 standard folding tables, 6 small folding tables