Jan 9 – SVER! Norwegian/Swedish folkrock band performs in Felton, CA

SVER! Epic Nordic Folk

  • Date:  Wed, Jan 9, 2019
  • Show Time: 8:30 pm
  • Place:  Flynn’s in Felton, CA
  • Tickets:  $12 advance/$15 at the door

Since the group’s inception, SVER has gone from strength to strength, playing extensively throughout Europe and the US, gaining a reputation as one of the most acclaimed live acts in the Nordic folk scene.  SVER has released four albums:  “Reverie” (2018), the long-awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed albums “Fryd” (2015), “Fruen” (2010), and “SVER” (2007)

Their imaginative soundscapes, grooves, and melodies will take you on a journey over the Norwegian fjords and mountains into the lively pubs and back out into the deep forest of their musicality.

“SVER mixes music from the  depths of heritage with the freedoms of innovation.  You’re unlikely to resist, so why try, just go with it.” – Tim Carroll, Folkwords



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promotes Nordic culture in Santa Cruz County
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